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I am a fnf fan but I also play on itch.io they have good stuff like some real fnf mods and I play on a chrome book which is my own and not a school one.


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Posted by trickyheclown - 1 day ago


Posted by trickyheclown - 2 days ago

Hi guys I got good news and bad news lets start with the bad news I might have covid-19 but I am fully vaccinated then the good news is my dad found our Nintendo switch and also please if you know how to make a fnf game on scratch please show me a image of all the sprites thank you.


Posted by trickyheclown - 3 days ago

I was joking I was just taking a 2 day break.



Posted by trickyheclown - 6 days ago

I am taking a break for until next Friday have a good day I am still making games on scratch.

Posted by trickyheclown - 2 weeks ago

I will do a face reveal once I get to 15 fans and if you are still a kid or if you are a adult when you grow up DON'T SMOKE also to any parents who see this who smoke SMOKING SOON WILL FRICKIN KILL YOU that's your only warning NO SMOKING it will kill by giving you FRICKIN lung cancer


Posted by trickyheclown - 2 weeks ago

link to my scratch account-Scratch account

my latest scratch game-M1 garand

Posted by trickyheclown - 1 month ago

Hello this is about stuff I am going to upload before new year. #1 more lego guns:]. more bob and ron pixel drawings. more scratch games wich I do not know how to upload onto newgrounds. sunky drawings and sonic and sonic.exe drawings and tails too. Tell me what else you want me to make I might say no okay just so you know.


Posted by trickyheclown - 1 month ago

I am starting to make lego guns they don't shoot something but they're still cool but they do not cock but there is a mag I have made a suppressor and a extended barrel and a optic and I will show you that also Merry Christmas to you. date:December 23 2021 or 2022 since its close to new year.

Posted by trickyheclown - November 26th, 2021

November 26th 2021 around 8:00. So I published a new audio today and when I got home from thanksgiving I saw my elf's I have 3 I will show you a picture of where they are. So far it is still the morning so not that much for this news right now. I am staying home with carter just for today no parents no little brother. Never mind can not get a picture of my elf's without it having the elf's blurred sorry and give any website suggestions bye.

Posted by trickyheclown - November 25th, 2021

Thanksgiving November 25 2021 around 11:10. So once I figured out where we were going all the board games I was gonna bring I could not bring those games because where I was going it was a house and they have 2 dogs. We still got to bring games but not board games. We went to Richmond 2 hour drive playing on my Chromebook on tactical weapon pack 2 (I will be putting the link for that game at the end.) right now I am at the house took a little to get internet for my Chromebook and so we are just eating luch here and thats it. We get to eat pumpkin pie. Tactical weapon pack